What Trainees are Saying

Thinking about joining Mara for a training or consultation session? Read testimonials below from therapists, counselors, psychologists and other health care professionals to learn more about their experience with EMDR Therapy Training with Mara!

  • Michele D.


    "I found this training to be highly effective! Not only did I learn the EDMR technique, I came away with countless other therapy strategies that I immediately incorporated into my practice. Her expertise, teaching style, and passion for helping other learn and grow made this training one of the best I have ever attended! Highly recommended!"

  • Sarah P.


    "Mara was such a knowledgeable and engaging presenter. I loved learning about EMDR through her perinatal, attachment and ego states informed approach. Can’t wait for more!"

  • Elyan R.

    Mental Health Counselor

    "Mara is truly an incredibly talented clinician/trainer! Her EMDR therapy training was intensive, extremely comprehensive, and really informed my work as a therapist! Thank you, Mara! I'm so grateful."

  • Nayeli C-Z


    "Dr. Mara's training is phenomenal. Dr. Mara has a gift of sharing her professional knowledge while also intentionally creating a sense of community within her training cohort. I have also attended the consultation groups she leads and each time she has provided me with supportive guidance in my cases."

  • Anonymous


    "Mara is a force of nature. She brings passion, wisdom and warmth to her trainings."

  • Ary M.


    "Mara is a warm, supportive, and authentic facilitator. She makes what initially may seem as a high-stakes learning process feel doable and grounded. I love that Mara takes the time to not only show you how it's done, but the WHY, too."

  • Hannah S.

    Clinical Psychologist

    "I couldn't have asked for a better trainer! Mara is an engaging speaker and has a true gift for making even the most complex topics digestible and easy to understand."

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