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About Touchstone


Built with perinatal professionals in mind, The Touchstone Institute offers trainings for both novice and experienced practitioners as they hone their skills in trauma focused care.


Driven by a relationship-centered approach to mental health education, our instructors work hard to create thoughtful, balanced educational programs that span the spectrum of perinatal care.


The Touchstone Institute provides practitioners with quality therapeutic training, exploring the intersections of perinatal mental health, identity, emotional meaning and relationship dynamics. Taking a holistic and evidence-based approach, The Touchstone Institute pushes the therapeutic landscape to dig deeper into the experience of parenthood and its psychological ripple effects. We equip our trainees with practical, hands-on skills to better care for both patients and themselves.



Learn more about the team behind our training programs. We work continuously to find new ways to bring innovative educational tools and resources to the perinatal community. Our staff are committed to helping build community resilience amongst practitioners working throughout the perinatal sphere.



If you are looking for a therapist who has trained with The Touchstone Institute, access our wide network of clinicians and providers here.



Reproductive justice is contingent on comprehensive perinatal mental health care and bodily autonomy. By embracing a justice centered paradigm, we aim to push the needle forward in the field, and envision a future where people have access to life changing support when they need it.


Equity work is an organizational imperative, and we want our external values to match our internal ones. We recognize that the systems of oppression that exist in our society are replicated in therapeutic settings. Everyone on the Touchstone team is committed to reflection, growth and healing through all facets of our work.


The better we understand the impacts of perinatal trauma, the better we are positioned for individual and collective healing. By acknowledging that trauma focused intervention during the perinatal period is primary prevention, we have the power to build healthier communities.


Collaboration is central to all that we do at The Touchstone Institute. We believe that mutuality, curiosity, creativity, and humor are the seeds for healing and transformation.


Continuing education must be holistic, integrative, and supportive to the practitioner. Our work at The Touchstone Institute always takes into consideration the intersections of our unique identities and the ways they shape our complex belief systems.


Community building is central to all that we do. With a focus on relationship-based, developmentally supportive care, practitioners are able to meet the needs of their clients directly. Our work is centered on empathy, compassion and healing.


Find answers below to our most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answers you need, please click here to contact our administrative team directly. We will respond to any inquiries with more information as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours).

While many of our trainings are designed with EMDR practitioners in mind, we have a wide array of offerings for anyone working with perinatal populations. Explore our current list of upcoming and self-paced trainings to find the training that fits your needs and experience.

Do I have to be EMDR trained to attend your trainings?

We have elected to offer sliding scale options for each of our trainings rather than asking people to go through a scholarship application process. We believe that time is a resource, just like money, and we want you to be able to select the pricing tier that is most fitting for you.  In addition to tiered pricing, we offer payment plans and discount codes. Learn more about our pricing options and find the tier that best suits your needs by exploring our Pricing page. **Please note: there is no tiered pricing available for our Foundational EMDR training and we offer a limited number of scholarships for this training.

Do you offer scholarships for trainings?

We are so excited to be able to offer you a database of therapists who have completed trainings with our team at the Touchstone Institute! Please explore the directory and reach out directly to any clinician that is of interest to you.

I am looking for a therapist, do you have anyone you recommend?

Please review the EMDR International Association's requirements to ensure you are eligible to participate in our Foundational EMDR Therapy Training. There is no difference in the curriculum for our perinatal-focused training from other EMDRIA-approved general Foundational EMDR Therapy Training, you will simply be training with other perinatal-focused mental health practitioners and will be provided with perinatal-specific examples.

Am I eligible to take your Foundational EMDR training?

Absolutely! If you only work with a limited number of perinatal clients or are just considering working in this field, you are more than welcome to join us for a training. Practitioners who participate in our trainings come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cover an array of experience levels. We would love to have your voice added to our training room.

I'm not a perinatal mental health specialist. Can I still attend your training?

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