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From the ten hours required to complete Foundational EMDR Therapy Training to the 20 hours necessary to apply for EMDRIA certification and beyond, the Touchstone Institute network of consultants is here to meet your consultation needs.


We have a select group of Approved Consultants and Consultants in Training with advanced skills and experience in trauma-centered perinatal care to guide you through your learning process. Learn more about each of their offerings and specialty areas below. Reach out to them directly to book a consultation that suits your needs.

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Pauline Walfisch, LCSW-R, PMH-C

Pauline Walfisch

Helping Hands Psychotherapy

Sable Gonyea, MSW, LCSW-S, PMH-C

Sable Gonyea

Village Counseling PLLC

Alyssa Castaño-Mann, LCSW

Alyssa Castaño-Mann

Three Circles of Healing, LLC

Erin Wheeler

Erin Wheeler

Inner Resource Counseling

Every consultant in our network sets their own pricing, so please reach out directly to consultant(s) you are interested in working with and they will provide you with all of their pricing information.

What is the price for consultation?

In order to become trained in EMDR you must complete 10 hours of consultation in addition to a full training program that meets the requirements set by EMDRIA.

How many hours of consultation do I need to complete Foundational EMDR Therapy Training?

Once you have completed your Foundational EMDR Therapy Training, and are considered EMDR trained, you can go on to become Certified by the EMDR International Association. Please review their website to understand all of the steps they require for this process.

How many hours of consultation do I need to become an EMDR Certified therapist?

We recommend that you take some time to read through each consultant's profile and to visit their website to learn more about their experience and their offerings. If you are unsure of who would be best for you to work with, please feel free to reach out to us and we would happy to make some suggestions:

How do I know which consultant is right for me?


Find answers below to our most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answers you need, please click here to contact our administrative team directly. We will respond to any inquiries with more information as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours).

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The Touchstone Team is committed to building strong, equitable mental health training programs. Driven by a passion for community and collaboration, we are always excited to make connections, and explore new opportunities. Reach out to discuss projects, share resources, and find support.

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