About Consultation of EMDR Therapy


Consultation Options

1. Ten-hours of group consultation for EMDR Training - Mara is not offering Foundational consultation at this time. You can find all the fantastic, ICM-Approved consultants and consultants-in-training here

2. Continued consultation for certification - following completion of the foundational training (Parts I & II and 10-consultation hours), clinicians can continue to deepen their facility with the EMDR therapy model by pursuing certification. 

3. Continued consultation to become Approved ConsultantOnce certified, some EMDRIA certified clinicians continue their training to become EMDRIA Approved Consultants.

4. Additional consultation - all EMDR therapy trained clinicians are invited to seek consultation to increase their overall expertise, to obtain guidance in difficult clinical situations, and to learn advanced practice applications of EMDR. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Group Consultation?

Go to the "Book a Consultation" page where you can find available group blocks to join. If you are part of an EMDR therapy Foundational Training cohort, and signed up for the package that includes the required 10-hours of consultation, you would have received a code to enter when you sign up for groups. If you are signing up for additional consultation, choose a group time and check out.

How do I sign up for individual consultation?

To sign up for individual consultation, email Mara at mara@touchstoneinstitute.org.

How much does Consultation cost?

Costs vary depending on session length, group size (or individual), and purpose (foundational training, consultation for certification or consultation of consultation). Some groups are offered as a series, in which case, the per-session cost is lower. See the Book a Consultation Page for specific group costs. Individual consultation is $200 per clinical hour of consultation in person or via Zoom.

Where do I find the Zoom meeting information?

Here’s how to join the group consultation. The same “Zoom room” is used for every group. Please try to use a device that allows you to have both audio and video access. We like to see your face! :)

To join the group consultation through Zoom:

Meeting ID: 284 522 4272
Password: Touchstone

How should I prepare for consultation meetings?

To prepare for the group, be ready to let us know what you need from consultation for this session. The options include but are not limited to:

1. To listen in and jump in with a question if one comes up.

2. To ask a technical question about EMDR procedure or process, either related to a specific case, or in general.

3. To discuss specific questions related to a client.

4. To present a case (more comprehensive than #3). See sample case conceptualization forms here.

5. To discuss larger process questions about EMDR therapy.

This is a learning process. You're not expected to come to group with polished and shiny stories or highly honed questions. Bring your confusion or frustration, curiosity, or excitement (or all of the above) with you. You'll find you're not alone and you'll get guidance and support.

Please come prepared with details about cases you are discussing in consultation. History, Phase 1 theme and floatback worksheets, Phase 3 targeting worksheets are examples of materials that will help you in your presentation and when I ask questions during consultation.

Is there paperwork to complete before beginning consultation?

Yes. You can find the group consultation agreement for foundational training here, for certification, here, and the individual consultation agreement here. These will outline in more detail the expectations of consultant and consultee in order for you to get the most out of your EMDR therapy consultation.