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Therapist Network


The Touchstone Team has had the honor of training skilled and passionate practitioners throughout the United States and around the world. Below you will find a database of mental health practitioners that have completed trainings through The Touchstone Institute. These practitioners have a wide variety of subspecialties, therapeutic modalities and approaches. Use this database to locate practitioners for therapeutic work, consultation and more.

Abbie Ames

Abbie Ames Counseling

Abbie Hausermann

Aditi Gohil

Peaceful Connections, PLLC

Aga Grabowski

Wildflower Center for Emotional Health

Alexandra Murphy

Aliza Shupac


Alyssa Castaño-Mann

Three Circles of Healing, LLC

Amanda Baker

Mindful Springs Counseling or Perinatal Wellness Center

Amanda Hardy

The Meadowlark Clinic

Amanda Harry

Amanda Harry Psychotherapy and Consulting

Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin LMFT Psychotherapy

Amber Sperling

Amber Sperling Social Work and Psychotherapy Services

Amy Delira

Deeper Roots Wellness

Amy Swart

Nurture Women's Therapy

Andrea Hartman

Searching for Hope LLC

Andrea Metcalf

Centimano Counseling

Ary Madera-Reber

True North Psychotherapy

Ashley Germann

Lotus Counseling

Ashley Hartman

Empower Women Counseling

Ashley Magers

Identity Counseling Psychology

Ashley Tannous

Cachara and Associates, LLC

Betty Flores

Perinatal Wellness LLC

Britney Banyas

Columbus Women's Wellness

Brittani Ali

Brittani Ali

Brittany Weber

Brittany Weber Counseling

Candace Ellrich

Charm City Counseling

Carlada Razmus

Turning Stone Counseling

Casey Jones

Carolina Family and Maternal Counseling

Chelsea Bodie

Chelsea Harvey

Grace to Grow Studio Counseling and Consulting, LLC

Chelsea Solorzano

Graceful Therapy

Christina Janiga

Christina Janiga Psychotherapy

Christine Audet

Audet Counseling

Christine Pardos

New Roots Therapy LLC

Claire Blakey

Thrive Therapy Santa Barbara

Corinne Lewis

Corinne Lewis, LCSW

Corrie Goldberg

Shore Therapy Center for Wellness

Dana Seltzer

Bluebell Therapy Center

Danielle Older

River Root Counseling

Danielle Stone

The Life Workshop, Inc.

Deana Stevens

Debbi Shamon

Diane Palacios

Palacios Crew Counseling LLC

Elyan Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum Therapy

Emily Beltran

Emily Beltran LCSW

Emily Hogan

Tiny Kite Counseling, LLC

Emily Pollak

Maternal Health Niagara

Emily Remba

Reproductive Mental Health and Wellness

Emma Basch

Dr. Emma Basch & Associates

Erin Hickman

Erin Hickman Marriage and Family Therapy

Erin Santosuosso

Mamahood Therapy

Erin Shepard

Yarrow Therapy

Erin Smith

A Work of Heart Counseling

Erin Wheeler

Inner Resource Counseling

Esther Chon

F. Taína Amaro

Harmony Health

Ginette Rhodes

Ginette Rhodes Therapy

Heather Kiel

Maternal Hope Counseling Center

Heather McMillen

Heather McMillen Counseling, LLC

Heidi Hemling

The Holding Space

Heidi Roselle

Onward Healing Counseling and Wellness

Helena Vissing

Hilary Waller

The Postpartum Stress Center

Holly Evans

Inga Blom

Jade Rubino

Reynolds & Rubino Psychology Group

Jaimi Martin

Jaimi Martin

Jana Glass

Supportive Solutions

Janel Morey-Sassano

Janel Morey-Sassano, LCSW

Jasmine Adams

Jasmine Adams’ Private Practice

Jen Beatty

Beautiful Minds Counseling LLC

Jenna Cohen

Anchor Wellness LLC

Jennie Hardman

Jennie Hardman Therapy

Jennifer Byrnes

Solution-Focused Therapy Services, LLC

Jennifer Mendoza

Jennifer Mendoza, LCSW

Jessica Gallo

Jessica Gallo Therapy

Jessica H Sweeney

Sunglow Counseling

Jessica Sorensen

Noticing Growth Therapy Group, Inc

Joslyn Reedy-Kay

Reedy-Kay and Associates, LLC

Judy Pasdach

Judy Pasdach Counseling

Julia Israelski

Julia L Israelski, LCSW LLC

Julie Bindeman

Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington

Julie Rosinski

Julie Rosinski, LCSW-R, PMH-C

Kara Cruz

Kara Cruz Psychotherapy and Wellness

Kara Kushnir

A Work of Heart Counseling

Kara Shelman

Centimano Counseling

Kate McReynolds

Root To Rise Counseling

Kate Quinn


Kate Springer

Ready Nest Counseling

Kathia Colón-González

Mindful Zoul Psychosocial Services, LLC

Katie R. Bresky

Zero To Thrive Perinatal and Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic

Katina Saxton

Symposia Licensed Clinical Social Work

Kayleigh Summers

Kelsie Hammons

Heart-Led Mental Health, PLLC (at RiverStone Wellness Center)

Kielyr Luthi

Soteria Mental Health

Kim Ragan

Inova Health System

Kira Harkins

Harkins Counseling

Kristen Mulheren Levitt

Integrative Psychotherapy

Kristin Foschi

Kristin Hill

Kristin Hill Therapy

Kristine Page

Turning The Page Counseling

Lacey Castilleja Fisher

Open Heart Counseling of Austin PLLC

Laudan Gish

Laudan Kermani Gish, LCSW, PPSC

Laura Brunskill

InnerWorks Counselling

Laura Meyer

Expeditions in Motherhood, Inc

Lauren Daniels

The Acorn Center for Counseling and Education

Lauren Jensen

Dr. Lauren Jensen

Laurie Ganberg

Laurie Ganberg, LICSW

LeAnna Coulter

Coulter Family Counseling, PLLC

Lesli Desai

Seattle Therapy

Leslie Bradley

Bricolage Wellness

Leslie Pertz

Leslie Pertz, PLLC

Libby McHugh

Counseling and Wellness Group

Lillybeth Solorio

Lillybeth Solorio, LCSW

Lindsay Reynolds

Reynolds Counseling

Lindsay Rickel

TLA Therapy

Lindsey Brown McCormick

Rivers & Roads Psychotherapy, LLC

Lisa Elliott

Bloom Therapy LLC

Lisa Greenstein

Postpartum Health and Harmony

Lisa Johanns

Lisa Johanns, LPC

Lorain Moorehead

Lorain Moorehead Counseling and Consulting

Lori Allen

Village Wellness Family Counseling

Macy Schoenthaler

Madison Sweet

Bloom Women’s Wellness

Meaghan Semple

Fort Worth Women's Counseling

Medha Kudaisya

Postpartum Health & Harmony

Megan Fallon

Megan Fallon, LCSW, LLC

Megan Farina

Helping Hands Psychotherapy

Megan Freed

Maternal Hope Counseling Center

Megan Shane

Intentional Healing Counseling & Coaching

Melissa Gardner

Florence Crittenton Services of Topeka

Meri Levy

Michelle Lavergne

Michelle Lavergne Counselling

Michelle Schaefer

Cherry Hill Counseling

Miranda Layton

Miranda Layton, LCSW-C, LISW-CP

Mischa Hadaway

Gentle Mama Counseling

Molly Vasa Bertolucci

Poppy Therapy

Monica O'Connell

Morgan Rahimi

CLIMB Wellness & Counseling

Nicole Vale

Nicole Vale, Psy.D.

Nikki Stillo

Great Life Counseling Center

Pamela Blackwell

Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington

Patrick Monette

Monette Counseling Services LLC

Pauline Walfisch

Helping Hands Psychotherapy

Perri Shaw Borish

Whole Heart Maternal Mental Health

Rebecca Carr

Counseling Center for Women

Rebecca Johnston

Firefly Counselling

Rebecca Ray

Ray Family Therapy

Rita Girn

Rita Girn Wellness

Sable Gonyea

Village Counseling

Samantha Breslin

Powerful Women's Health

Samantha Waxman

The Well Parents Centre

Sara Pollard

Sarah Noda

Sarah Noda Counseling

Sarah Todd

Todd Counseling, LLC

Serena Trimmier

Redeemed Life Counseling

Shannon Wohlman

Encompass Hope

Shira Lichtenstein

Anchored Therapy

Skylar Ibarra

Lenarra Therapy

Somayeh Shunk

De Novo Wellness Center, LLC

Sophie Rudisill

Sophie Rudisill, LCSW PLLC

Stacey Bramley Carleton

Mindful Awakening Counseling & Wellness

Stephanie Adamkin Delambre

Find Your Village, LLC

Stephanie Pearce

Stephanie Pearce Therapy

Suna Clinchard

Suna Clinchard, LMFT

Susan Esserman

Susan Esserman, MSW, LCSW, PMH-C // Seventh Moon Perinatal Support Services

Susan Schlag

Beyond The Reef Psychotherapy

Teresa Sullivan

DLA Psychology Center

Terri Buysse

Mothering Voice Psychological Services

Terry Golaner

Charm City Counseling

Venus Kennedy

Charlotte Women's Counseling

Vicki Riola

Counseling & Wellness Group

Victoria Rutsch

The Caring Group Counseling Center

Yvonne Nelson

Yzobela Hyett

Yzobela Hyett Psychotherapy



The Touchstone team envisions a future where perinatal professionals are empowered to utilize the healing power of trauma-focused treatment to address the complex perinatal experience.


The Touchstone Institute prioritizes a comprehensive, dynamic approach to training, building a community network of advocates in the perinatal space.


Our therapist network is comprised of mental health professionals who have completed at least one Touchstone Institute training program. Carefully curated, this directory is full of excellent practitioners who meet the highest standards of professionalism and trauma-focused care. If you have trained with us and are interested in joining our community, we encourage you to submit an application.

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