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Touchstone Pricing


The Touchstone team utilizes a sliding scale payment model for all of our trainings. Continuing education has historically been inaccessible to a large portion of the population creating greater inequity and hardship for those without the financial means to support such learning. We believe that all people deserve to have access to resources that support their professional development and personal growth.

Generative Access

For those with the financial freedom to support others in accessing trainings through resource sharing.

Sustaining Access

For those with the financial stability to pay the full value of training cost.

Supported Access

For those with limited access to financial resources who will benefit from community support.


Ethical Inclusion in Perinatal Mental Healthcare

NICU Parenting (self-paced)

Advanced Applications of EMDR to Perinatal Mental Health (self paced)

Complexities in Reprocessing:

A Foundational Model:

Resourcing and Preparation:

History and Target Selection:

A Foundational Model: Understanding Trauma in the Perinatal Period (self paced)

Theory and Application: Understanding Trauma in the Perinatal Period (self paced)

Advanced Considerations in Understanding Trauma in the Perinatal Period (self paced)

Connecting the Rainbow (Two-Day)

What's the protocol for...?


Find answers below to our most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the answers you need, please click here to contact our administrative team directly. We will respond to any inquiries with more information as soon as we can (usually within 24 hours).

Select this tier if you: Are a graduate student paying tuition;   Have major medical expenses not covered by insurance;  You have been denied work, or experience discrimination related to ableism, racism, sexism, gender discrimination or other forms of oppression;  Are eligible for public assistance;  Have immigration-related expenses;  Have ever been denied work due to incarceration history;  Are supporting adult children, extended family members in need or have other adult dependents;  Are an elder with limited financial support;  Are primarily working in a setting with under-resourced populations and your income reflects this work.

Is the Supported Access tier right for me?

Select this tier if you: Have income available for recreational activities (going out to dinner, movies, concerts etc.);  Have consistent work compensated at a median income rate based on your region;  Pay rent that is not more than 25% of your monthly household income;  Do not own your own home

Is the Sustaining Access tier right for me?

Select this tier if you: Own the home you live in (even with a mortgage);  Live in a two-income household;  Have investments, retirement accounts, or inherited money;  Travel recreationally;  Have access to family money and resources in times of need;  Work part-time by choice

Is the Generative Access tier right for me?

We have elected to offer sliding scale options for each of our trainings rather than asking people to go through a scholarship application process. We believe that time is a resource, just like money, and we want you to be able to select the pricing tier that is most fitting for you. Learn more about our pricing options and find the tier that best suits your needs by exploring our Pricing page. **Please note: scholarships are available for our Foundational EMDR Therapy Training as our pricing for that course is determined by the Institute for Creative Mindfulness.

Do you offer scholarships for trainings?

We require 30-days notice for cancellations to receive a refund, minus a 5% administrative fee. If you cancel within thirty days you will be able to apply your full tuition to any other trainings we offer.

What is your refund policy?

We do! Please email our team at and we would be happy to assist you in creating a customized payment plan.

Do you offer payment plans?

Pricing for Online EMDRIA Approved EMDR Therapy Training is set by The Institute for Creative Mindfulness whose curriculum we use to run this training. While no tiered pricing is available for these trainings, multiple payment plan options are available as well as two 50% scholarship spots per training. You can find more information about ICM's scholarship offerings here.

Why is there no tiered pricing available for Foundational EMDR Therapy Training?


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