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Third Party Resources

A General Theory of Love

Our nervous systems are not self-contained: from earliest childhood, our brains actually link with those of the people close to us, in a silent rhythm that alters the very structure of our brains, establishes life-long emotional patterns, and makes us, in large part, who we are.

A Gift of Time: Continuing Your Pregnancy When Your Baby's Life Is Expected to Be Brief

A Gift of Time is a gentle and practical guide for parents who decide to continue their pregnancy knowing that their baby's life will be brief.

A Heartbreaking Choice

Support for people who have terminated a much wanted pregnancy. For those who have undergone a pregnancy termination due to a poor prenatal diagnosis, problems with their own health, or for the health of another fetus (selective reduction).

A Silent Sorrow

Emotional and practical support after a pregnancy loss for bereaved parents and their families to help resolve the grief and enable them to look to the future with hope.

Alex: The Fathering of a Preemie

This is the story of a micro-premie in his first years. It's a story of doctors, hospitals, conferences, hate, love, gratitude, envy, frustration, joy, and worry.

Ambiguous Loss

Prolonged ambiguous loss can deaden feeling and make it impossible for people to move on with their lives. The central message of this book is that people can learn to live with unresolved grief.


In Anchored, expert teacher Deb Dana shares a down-to-earth presentation of Polyvagal Theory, then brings the science to life with practical, everyday ways to transform your relationship with your body.


This first volume of John Bowlby's Attachment and Loss series, Bowlby posits a theoretical formulation of attachment behavior: how it develops, how it is maintained, what functions it fulfills.

Attachment Focused EMDR

Addresses the potential to heal attachment wounds and address the damage sustained from neglect or poor parenting in early childhood with EMDR Therapy.

Attachment Informed Grief Therapy

Attachment-Informed Grief Therapy bridges the fields of attachment studies and thanatology, uniting theory, research, and practice to enrich our understanding of how and why people grieve and how we can help the bereaved.

Attachment in Adulthood

A systematic, comprehensive overview of theory and research on adult attachment, the authors trace how Bowlby and Ainsworth's original constructs have evolved through the study of adolescents and adults.

Baby First

Resources, tools, and clinical knowledge with a family focus for the neonatal community.

Beyond the Blues

Contains the current information about risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum for clinicians as well as for those suffering before or after the baby is born.

Birthing Beyond the Binary

Online trainings and resources from educator King Yaa designed for clinicians seeking to better support trans, nonbinary, and queer people throughout the reproductive and perinatal periods.

Birthing Justice: Black Women, Pregnancy, and Childbirth

This book places black women's voices at the center of the debate on what should be done to fix the broken maternity system and foregrounds black women's agency in the emerging birth justice movement.

Center for Loss in Multiple Birth

CLIMB's mission is to provide parent-to-parent support for all of us who have experienced the death of one or more of our twins or higher multiple birth children at any time from conception through birth, infancy, and early childhood.

Centering Corporation

Independent bookstore offering grief resources.

Coming to Term: A Father's Story of Birth, Loss, and Survival

This is a gripping account of the day-to-day struggles facing the thousands of families every year whose pregnancies end far too soon and whose babies have to fight to survive.

Companioning at a Time of Perinatal Loss

Intended for nurses, doctors, midwives, social workers, chaplains, and hospital support staff, this guide gives caring and practical advice for helping families grieve properly after losing a child at birth.

Coping With Trauma Related Dissociation

This training manual includes short educational pieces, homework sheets, and exercises that address ways in which dissociation interferes with essential emotional and life skills.

Dad Still Standing

Two dads teamed up to create this podcast for other dads (and families) which shows a bereaved father's perspective and provides the tools to help them on their journey with grief.

Decision Assessment and Counseling in Abortion Care

A framework for providing skilled, compassionate care for decision assessment and counseling for all pregnancy options.

Depression in New Mothers: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment Alternatives

Depression is the number one cause of maternal death in developed countries and results in adverse health outcomes for both mother and child.

Different Baby, Different Story: Pregnancy and Parenting after Loss

Pregnancy after prenatal or infant loss can be a lonely and frightening time, but through stories of both pain and healing, the authors show how to navigate the exciting but choppy waters of a subsequent pregnancy.

Disabled Mothers: Stories and Scholarship by and about Mothers With Disabilities

The book delves into pregnancy, birth, adoption, child custody, discrimination, and disability politics.


Child and centered care is a philosophy of care supported by the EACH Charter. Child and family are seen as an integral part of the healthcare team. Healthcare professionals share information in a supportive way for shared decision-making.

EMDR Essentials

The purpose of this concise handbook, written by a veteran EMDR practitioner, is to explain EMDR in a simple, straightforward way so that that readers will know what to expect and how to prepare themselves for treatment.

EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)

A membership organization of mental health professionals dedicated to the highest standards of excellence and integrity in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

EMDR Made Simple

EMDR Made Simple: 4 Approaches to Using EMDR with Every Client offers a fresh approach to understanding, conceptualizing, and ultimately implementing EMDR into clinical settings.

EMDR Solutions I

Includes fifteen exemplary EMDR solutions, each of which develops the Standard Protocol in creative and highly effective ways. These solutions expand the application of this powerful therapeutic approach.

EMDR Solutions II

Step-by-step instructions for implementing EMDR approaches to treat a range of issues. The how-to approach, mixed with ample clinical wisdom, will help clinicians excel when using EMDR to treat their clients.

EMDR Therapy and Mindfulness for Trauma Focused Care

Based on the belief that mindfulness is a critical component in the delivery of EMDR, this innovative text integrates mindfulness-informed practice with EMDR therapy to create an effective new approach for healing trauma.

EMDR Therapy and Somatic Psychology

This book offers an integrative model of treatment that teaches therapists how to increase the client's capacity to sense and feel the body, helps the client work through traumatic memories in a safe and regulated manner, and facilitates lasting integration.

EMDR Toolbox

An overview of the principal issues in treatment of dissociative disorders in complex PTSD, and a description of the integration of specific EMDR-related interventions or tools with other psychotherapeutic treatments.

EMDR and Emotional Processing: Working with Severely Dysregulated Patients

This is a book aimed at therapists who work with pathologies within the spectrum of trauma and, who use as an approach, the methodology proposed by EMDR.

EMDR and the Relational Imperative

A practitioner explores the subtle nuances of the therapeutic relationship and the vital role it plays in using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) with traumatized clients.

EMDR as an Integrative Psychotherapy Approach

EMDR originator Francine Shapiro explores the latest developments and theoretical perspectives on, and clinical implications of, this complex psychotherapy approach originally developed to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

EMDR for Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses

This groundbreaking, state-of-the-art resource is the first to apply EMDR therapy to individuals with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

Easy Ego State Interventions

“Ego state therapy” refers to a powerful, flexible therapy that helps clients integrate and reconcile these distinct aspects of themselves.

Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby

Deborah Davis, Ph.D., encourages grieving and makes suggestions for coping. Incisive comments from parents who have suffered through the death of a baby convincingly relay this message: "You are not alone and you can survive."

Ending a Wanted Pregnancy

Private support group for parents who have made the decision to end a wanted pregnancy following a poor prenatal diagnosis or for maternal health reasons.

Every Memory Deserves Respect

An introduction to EMDR, a proven trauma therapy with the power to heal, cowritten by a world-renowned therapist and a patient who experienced transformative relief through EMDR therapy.

Every Tiny Thing

Every Tiny Thing was born to provide the products parents need and deserve.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, Third Edition: Basic Principles, Protocols, and Procedures

The authoritative presentation of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, this groundbreaking book--now revised and expanded.

Family Equality

Family Equality, along with partner organization Fertility IQ, is here to help transgender and gender non-conforming members of the LGBTQ+ community who are interested in becoming parents or growing their families find the resources they need on their path to parenthood.

Family Inceptions

Family Inceptions services are designed to connect intended parents, surrogates and egg donors with each other and their dreams.

Fertility Cafe

A one-of-its-kind podcast for all things fertility and modern family building, created to help hopeful intended parents, courageous surrogates, and passionate egg donors get clarity around their path and fulfill their dreams.

First Candle

First Candle is committed to the elimination of SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths through education, while providing support for grieving families who have suffered a loss.

Flowers in Our Womb

This book contains the stories of terminations for medical reasons of wanted pregnancies. Every story has a different diagnosis and they range from chromosomal abnormalities, genetic disorders to mother's health issues.

Glow in the Woods

For parents of lost babies and potential of all kinds: we want to be a glow through the trees. Stumble up the steps, shake off the snow and the crust and the stiffness. There's a bunch of us by a crackling fire, offering you a hot mug or wine and whoopie pies or whatever else warms you up. Sink into a battered old sofa, tuck your feet under your legs, a woodsmokey quilt around your shoulders, and be with us.

Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts: A Healing Guide to the Secret Fears of New Mothers

Author Karen Kleiman-coauthor of the seminal book This Isn't What I Expected-comes to the aid of new mothers everywhere with a groundbreaking new source of hope, compassion, and expert help.

Graham's Foundation

A foundation dedicated to educating and informing preemie parents so they feel empowered and confident while they navigate the journey of prematurity.

Grieving Beyond Gender

Doka and Martin explore the different ways that individuals grieve, noting that gender is only one factor that affects an individual's style or pattern of grief.

Guide to the Standard EMDR Therapy Protocols for Clinicians, Supervisors, and Consultants, Second Edition

The book reviews outcome studies suggesting EMDR s effectiveness for diagnoses beyond PTSD and surveys new strategies on advanced EMDR therapy topics.

Hand to Hold

Hand to Hold® is a national nonprofit dedicated to providing neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) parents with personalized emotional support, educational resources and community before, during and after their baby’s NICU stay.

Handbook of EMDR and Family Therapy Processes

The Handbook demonstrates in superb detail how you can combine EMDR's information processing approach with family systems perspectives and therapy techniques.

Handbook of Perinatal and Neonatal Palliative Care

The first resource of its kind, this authoritative handbook holistically addresses the multidimensional aspects of perinatal and neonatal palliative care.

Healing Developmental Trauma

Healing Developmental Trauma presents a model for psychotherapy and growth showing that most emotional difficulties can be traced back to the compromised development of one or more five core capacities.

Hope for Two

Hope for Two…The Pregnant with Cancer Network offers free support for women diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. We connect women who are currently pregnant with cancer with other women who have experienced a similar cancer diagnosis.

How We Grieve

How We Grieve shows that grieving is an active, coping process of relearning how to be and act in a world where loss transforms the fabric of our lives.

How to Heal a Bad Birth: Making sense, making peace and moving on

This book is a straightforward guide for women who have experienced a difficult, disappointing or traumatic birth, and want to gain understanding and clarity.

I Want to Put a Baby in You

You’ll learn about artificial insemination, gestational surrogacy, egg retrieval, egg donation, and more.

If These Ovaries Could Talk

Jaimie Kelton and E~Bradshaw humorously explore the age-old question: What's it like to live as an LGBTQ family in a world built for the straights?

International Children's Advisory Network

The International Children's Advisory Network, Inc., (iCAN) is a worldwide consortium of children’s advisory groups, working in unison around the world to provide a voice for children and families in medicine, research, and innovation.

It Didn't Start With You

A groundbreaking approach to transforming traumatic legacies passed down in families over generations, by an acclaimed expert in the field

Just Medicine: A Cure for Racial Inequality in American Health Care

Examines consequences of health disparities in the United States medical system.

Killing the Black Body

A cogent legal and historical argument for a radically new , and socially transformative, definition of "liberty" and "equality" for the American polity from a black feminist perspective.

Knowns and Unknowns About SSRI Use During Pregnancy in 2022

Dr. Lee S. Cohen, Director of the Ammon-Pinizzotto Center for Women’s Mental Health at Massachusetts General Hospital, recently shared his insights on clinical issues regarding prescribing antidepressants during pregnancy with Ob.Gyn News on March 23, 2022.

La Operación

Documentary on the mass sterilization of Puerto Rican women during the 50s and 60s.

Liminal Chrysalis: Imagining Reproduction and Parenting Futures Beyond the Binary

An edited collection that works to identify and deconstruct many of the countless binaries that operate within the realms of parenting and reproduction.

Looking Through the Eyes of Trauma and Dissociation: An illustrated guide for EMDR therapists and clients

In this book, Dr Paulsen uses over 100 of her original cartoons and an approachable format to telegraph key concepts. The book assists therapists and clients to collaborate about client symptoms and therapy.

Loving and Letting Go

For parents who decided to turn away from aggressive medical intervention for their critically ill newborns, this book confirms the love, wisdom, courage and faith that lie in the heart of letting go, and offers support for finding peace.

Maia Midwifery & Fertility

Welcoming families of all kinds while actively centering LGBTQ+, solo by choice, and BIPOC communities.

Meaningful Moments

This book is about sharing all the feelings and experiences that encompass the hard work of saying goodbye to a beloved child. It is about what lies within and ahead for the heart of each person changed by a life ended too soon.

Medical Apartheid

From the era of slavery to the present day, the first full history of black America’s shocking mistreatment as unwilling and unwitting experimental subjects at the hands of the medical establishment.

Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology

The story of 19th century doctors who performed experimental gynecological procedures primarily on poor and powerless women.

Mom and Mind

This podcast focuses on the Maternal Mental Health struggles related to becoming pregnant, being pregnant, birth and early parenthood.

Moss the Doula

Trans & queer centered childbirth education.

Mothering The Mother: How A Doula Can Help You Have A Shorter, Easier, And Healthier Birth

This indispensable book by three distinguished authorities on childbirth shows how every expectant parent can use the help of a doula, or trained labor companion.

NICU Parents Network (NPN)

NPN provides a platform for these leaders to come together as a collective voice representing the needs & best interests of NICU families in all facets of healthcare policy, care guidelines, advocacy, education, and family support.

National Association of Perinatal Social Workers

The NAPSW is a group of social workers who help individuals, families, and communities respond to psychosocial issues that emerge during the period from pre-pregnancy through an infants first year of life

National Perinatal Association (NPA)

The NPA promotes evidence-based practices in perinatal care, disseminates literature and produce media to share what they've learned with our community.

Neonatal Palliative Care for Nurses

The first resource of its kind, this authoritative handbook holistically addresses the multidimensional aspects of perinatal and neonatal palliative care.

Neonatology on the Web

Resources about neonatology.

Neurobiological Foundations for EMDR Practice, Second Edition

This volume introduces the most current research about the neural underpinnings of consciousness and EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) in regard to attachment, traumatic stress, and dissociation.

On Mothering Multiples: Complexities & Possiblilities

Mothering multiples is explored with diverse voices that elicit nuance towards a subject that often suffers from cliché and overt charm.

Our Heartbreaking Choices

This book is about abortion, but more specifically, about abortions sought due to a poor prenatal diagnosis or due to serious maternal health complications.

PSI Professional Resources

Explore information and links to the most current resources and opportunities for education, training, and patient tools.

Palliative Care for Infants, Children, and Adolescents

Developed by leading researchers and practitioners, this practical guide provides professionals involved in pediatric end-of-life care with comprehensive information for hands-on care in a single volume.

Parent's Guide to Raising Grieving Children

This book offers guidance on all aspects of childhood loss and rebuilding your family after the death of a loved one.

Peek a boo, ICU

Empowerment and education for families, celebration of the baby, their growth and development, and parenting in the neonatal intensive care.

Perinatal Hospice & Palliative Care

A clearinghouse of information about perinatal hospice & palliative care, including many resources for parents and caregivers as well as an international list of more than 300 programs.

Perinatal Palliative Care

This unique book is a first-of-its-kind resource that comprehensively covers each facet and challenge of providing optimal perinatal palliative care.

Perinatal and Pediatric Bereavement

This book is a collection of clinical wisdom, theoretical knowledge, and models of care that can continue to tell the story and change cultures of care.

Polyvagal Theory in Therapy

This book offers therapists an integrated approach to adding a polyvagal foundation to their work with clients in clinician and client-friendly language.

Post Traumatic Growth Guidebook

This interactive journal calls for journaling and self-reflection, with practices that guide you beyond the pain of your past and help you discover a sense of meaning and purpose.

Postpartum Mood Disorders

Designed for clinicians delivering postpartum care this text overviews the six different mood and anxiety disorders, and provides the implications for practice, and screening tools.

Preemie World

PreemieWorld, LLC is a support group and educational forum founded by Deb Discenza, accomplished writer, speaker, and mother to her own preemie.

Pregnancy After a Loss

This guide, filled with up-to-date medical information and written by a woman who herself experienced a successful pregnancy after the loss of her first baby, can help women cope with their anxiety.

Pregnancy Loss & Infant Death Alliance

PLIDA serves as leaders in perinatal and neonatal bereavement care through education, advocacy and networking for health care providers and parent advocates.


The Touchstone Institute is committed to evidence based practices both in our training program and in our clinical work. We strive to fortify your knowledge base about the perinatal realm by curating a central hub of resources. On this page you'll find articles, books, podcasts and videos, responding to the evolving needs of the perinatal community. We are continuously updating our resources to benefit our community.

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