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Free Four Blinks Trauma Training in Hebrew, Arabic, and English

As trauma therapists, and as trainers of trauma therapists, we strive to heal people's trauma and recognize the concentric circles of trauma traveling well beyond Israel and Palestine in this moment.

We stand alongside those in immense pain, who mourn the loss of innocent lives, who have been terrorized, who suffer profound grief; we recognize the enormity of the task that lies before us to foster a humane peace and to work for healing.

An Overwhelming Response to Four Blinks Training

This past weekend, our Founder and Director, Mara Tesler Stein, reached out to fellow therapist and Touchstone facilitator, Thomas Zimmerman, who generously offered to host an impromptu Four Blinks training for Mara's colleagues in Israel.

This version of the "Flash" technique for trauma healing was developed by Thomas Zimmerman, Ms.Ed., LPCC. It moves individual difficult memories from traumatic memory storage into more normal memory storage. This process allows clients experiencing intense stress with limited access to their internal resources to resolve extremely painful memories with remarkably little distress and with minimal risk of decompensating.

By Monday, the virtual training room was filled to capacity with 300 Israeli therapists and dozens more in the waiting room. Since then, nearly 900 therapists have reached out, asking for access to the recorded training. Our team is in awe of the commitment and trauma-focused responses of the healers in our extended networks amidst this terror, chaos, and violence.

We are deeply appreciative of Thomas for his generosity and quick response; to Taína Amaro and Morgan Rahimi for their willingness to step in to facilitate this training; and to Mara for organizing this vital trauma care for so many, time and again.

Hebrew, Arabic, and English Recordings Available

We are proud to share three versions of this training, captioned in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, and invite you to share these recordings with practitioners in your network who could benefit from this evidence-based, accessible trauma intervention. We hope that Thomas's generosity will alleviate suffering and soothe nervous systems in much need of peace.

This is a Four Blinks Training by its founder, Thomas Zimmerman, M.S.Ed., LPCC hosted by Dr. Layla Asamarai (clinical psychologist and found of The Luminous Mind) via zoom with live Arabic interpreting provided to clinician's in Middle East to support their clients following events of 10/07/2023. Arabic Interpreting conducted by Sawsan Tabbaa who is a Syrian psychotherapist working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



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