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Touchstone News

Team Announcement: Limited Capacity from April 29 - May 20

Same Self-Paced Series, New Training Titles

Mara's course is coming to the Spanish Institute of EMDR (ahora en Español)!

Gratitude and Growth: Reflecting on a Transformative Year

Help us heal Israeli and Palestinian trauma through EMDR

Free Four Blinks Trauma Training in Hebrew, Arabic, and English

Nurturing the Nurturers: Addressing the Unseen Trauma behind Human Milk Feeding

From Passion to Action: A Therapist's Guide to Grant Funding

7 Insider Tips for EMDR Success in Complex Trauma Management

Language Matters: 5 Reasons to Say "Birthing People" instead of "Mothers"


Explore our curated library of resources and learn more about the evidence-based practices that inform our training programs and clinical work. Always expanding, this diverse collection of media and scholarship contains books, podcasts, and videos that speak to the evolving needs of the perinatal community.

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