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Dr. Mara Tesler Stein, PsyD, PMH-C 

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Certified by the EMDR International Association as a therapist and approved consultant, and under the auspices of the Institute for Creative Mindfulness, where she is a faculty member, Dr. Mara Tesler Stein offers EMDR therapy training and consultation for both foundational and advanced practice.


Mara teaches Foundational EMDR Therapy Training for perinatal mental health practitioners. In addition, she teaches advanced integration of EMDR therapy within the context of perinatal mental health to those already trained in EMDR. She draws from years of experience in the fields of EMDR therapy and perinatal mental health to provide a comprehensive and pertinent training experience.

Training & Consultation

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Whether you're just starting off in the world of EMDR or looking to further explore the ways in which EMDR can be utilized in working in a perinatal setting, an EMDR training with Mara will equip you to better serve your clients.

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Mara offers individual and group consultation for those completing requirements for EMDR Training and those looking to further their clinical practice while connecting with fellow specialists across the country.

We provide mental health practitioners the trauma-focused framework they need to offer comprehensive support to their perinatal and postpartum clients.

Elyan R.

Mara is truly an incredibly talented clinician/trainer! Her EMDR therapy training was intensive, extremely comprehensive, and really informed my work as a therapist! 

Michele D.

I found this training to be highly effective! Mara's expertise, teaching style, and passion for helping other learn and grow made this training one of the best I have ever attended! Highly recommended!

Sarah P.

Mara was such a knowledgeable and engaging presenter. I loved learning about EMDR through her perinatal, attachment and ego states informed approach. Can’t wait for more!

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Listen to Dr. Mara Tesler Stein discuss the power of EMDR therapy and the vital need for a trauma-informed approach to all perinatal mental health care.